Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to School Safety on Our Roads

Here's a reminder from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department...

Now that the summer break is coming to an end, Loudoun County Sheriff Steve Simpson is reminding all drivers to watch for school-aged children walking to and from school, as they may forget to watch for you.

During the first few weeks of September, Loudoun Sheriff’s Deputies will be conducting a "Back to School" campaign strictly enforcing speed and other traffic violations in the area of elementary, middle and high schools throughout the county. The campaign is to ensure the safety and welfare for the children returning to school.

Sheriff’s deputies will be utilizing RADAR, LIDAR and "Smart Trailers," marked and unmarked cruisers as well as the motorcycle unit. The Sheriff’s Office would also like to send a friendly reminder to all drivers to obey signals by law enforcement officers and crossing guards. Last school year there were several incidents where drivers disobeyed the signals given by crossing guards. By ignoring their signals the drivers put the lives of the children and the crossing guard in danger.

A public safety message from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office and Loudoun County Traffic. Remember... help us make this a safe school year for our children.

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