Friday, September 7, 2007

Thoughts on Traffic from the Leesburg Tomorrow Blog

Today's "Leesburg Tomorrow" blog features a post about the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors regarding NVTA's right to tax to raise funds for transportation. The blog also discusses bridge and road safety and funding for Sycolin Road.

The blog comments that, "It's critical to note that Loudoun stands alone among NVTA members in appealing the NVTA's constitutionality. When Loudoun loses on appeal, it is likely that the other jurisdictions on the NVTA will not look as kindly on projects that benefit Loudoun. After all, Loudoun's appeal threatens the projects of every jurisdiction involved in the NVTA. If the NVTA is overturned, Loudoun stands to lose over $8 million in immediate road project money, including money for Battlefield Parkway, Loudoun County Parkway, and Maple and Main in Purcellville. (We assuredly lost the opportunity for the NVTA to be based in Loudoun as a result of this appeal.)"

Interesting reading and a fairly lengthy post that we're glad we could provide a link to.

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