Saturday, February 16, 2008

230-KV Transmission Line Approved for Loudoun County

Okay... it's not traffic or transit per se, but it may have an impact during construction...

Yesterday, the State Corporation Commission (SCC) approved the overhead construction of a 230-kilovolt transmission line by Dominion Virginia Power on a 12-mile route between the Pleasant View substation and the proposed Hamilton substation in Loudoun County.

According to a SCC news release, the Commission found that the new transmission line should follow a route known as the “Modified D” route as recommended by an SCC hearing examiner.
“No route can eliminate all adverse impacts. We find that Modified D minimizes as much as practicable adverse impact on scenic assets, historic districts, and environments of areas concerned, and results in fewer adverse impacts than other proposed routes.”

The SCC had previously found that the construction of the new transmission line was necessary for Dominion Virginia Power to maintain long-term reliability on its system and to serve the rapidly growing demand for electricity in western Loudoun County. The Commission noted in this order:
“…that [late last year] the Commonwealth issued The Virginia Energy Plan, which… states as follows: ‘Significant demand growth has occurred in northern Virginia, where the population has increased by 66 percent since 1990. Loudoun and Prince William Counties consistently rank among the fastest growing counties in the United States.’ ”

The transmission line will be constructed on single-shaft pole structures placed as far away from residences as possible. The poles will be located on existing right-of-way owned by Dominion Virginia and the Virginia Department of Transportation wherever possible. The line is expected to be constructed and in-service by January 1, 2011.

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