Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Loudoun Supervisors Adopt Resolution in Support of Dulles Rail

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors today adopted a resolution in support of the extension of Metrorail to Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County. The resolution points out that the county's future economic growth is tied to the growth of the airport and the vitality of the Dulles Corridor, and that the county has been actively planning for the extension of Metrorail to Route 772 for more than 15 years.   
The text of the resolution is as follows: 
"WHEREAS, Loudoun County?s future economic growth is tied to the growth of Dulles Airport and the vitality of the Dulles corridor; and 
WHEREAS, the Dulles Toll Road is now overwhelmed with traffic, with 91,000 vehicles per day using the Toll Road with no new right-of-way available to expand the Toll Road; and 
WHEREAS, Loudoun County?s workforce, employee and non-work travel patterns are oriented to the corridor and WMATA jurisdictions; and     
WHEREAS, buses cannot effectively serve Tyson?s Corner or provide comparable capacity and would require transfers to and from the Metro system; and 
WHEREAS, six-car trains can add nearly 10,000 peak hour person-trip capacity which equates to more than four lanes worth of cars serving and estimated 60,000 passengers per day; and 
WHEREAS, Dulles Airport will grow as new runways and terminals come on line; and 
WHEREAS, the FAA?s master plan for Dulles International Airport recommended a transit line along the access road in 1964; 44 years ago and MWAA has had Metrorail expansion on its master plan for over 21 years and fully plans for Metrorail expansion to the airport and beyond; and   
WHEREAS, 12 new stations, three within Loudoun, are planned for the Metrorail expansion from West Falls Church to Route 772 in Loudoun County ; and 
WHEREAS, Metrorail expansion to Route 772 first appeared in Loudoun County?s General Plan 15 years ago and transit related policies were first coordinated with the Countywide Transportation Plan in 1996 and station areas identified as prime growth locations with no special tax districts; and     
WHEREAS, the County predicts that these areas will produce an estimated $41.3 million dollars in local taxes; and   
WHEREAS, seamless Metrorail connections further integrates Loudoun into the regional economy; therefore 
BE IT RESOLVED, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors strongly supports the extension of Metrorail service to Dulles Airport, Rt. 606 and Rt. 772; and   
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, the failure to build the Dulles Corridor rail project, connecting Washington Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County with the Nation?s Capital, will have a devastating effect on Northern Virginia?s economic growth, transportation network, and air quality; and 
FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors does hereby ask President Bush, Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters and James Simpson, Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration, to reconsider the removal of federal funding from the financial partnership created to construct the first phase of rail to Dulles Airport and the second phase beyond, into Loudoun County  and become a full, good-faith partner in the economic vitality and expansion of the Dulles corridor and integrate Loudoun County with the greater Washington Metropolitan regional market and key assets."

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