Monday, May 19, 2008

Recent Rains Leave Some in Loudoun Stranded

According to Friday's Loudoun Times, residents living along a rural road south of Leesburg in Loudoun County are still feeling the effects of recent flooding as their only means out of their tiny community is still too unsafe for vehicles to pass over.

The paper reports that heavy rains flooded the Goose Creek May 12, sending large amounts of debris under the wood and concrete Crooked Bridge, near Lime Kiln Road, causing it to lift up and twist, officials said, cutting off 13 families on Crooked Bridge Lane. And while the structure is still standing, it is dangerously tilted toward the creek on one side.

The article adds that residents met with county officials May 13 to discuss repair plans and alternative routes off Crooked Bridge Lane. One temporary fix being considered is to lay gravel across a cornfield so residents could drive to Oatlands Road to the south. However, the owner of the field would have to approve this plan, said Supervisor Jim Burton (I-Blue Ridge).

Another problem residents and officials are facing is that no one is sure who owns the bridge. Apparently, there was once a plaque on the structure that indicated the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had built it. Burton said county officials are now attempting to verify this and determine who is responsible for fixing or replacing the bridge.

No one is sure when all this will be hashed out or when the bridge will again be usable.

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