Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Examiner Reports that NVTA Needs Money

Today's Washington Examiner reports that the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority is preparing for two extremes ? an influx of hundreds of millions of dollars for new transportation projects or a near-complete shutdown.

"The first assumes a special General Assembly session will raise taxes to pay for transportation projects. That would require $1.2 million for the NVTA to hire six staff members and administer hundreds of millions of dollars in new road and rail improvements across the region."

"The other option uses about $350,000 to pay off debts and close shop, assuming the General Assembly is unable to replace the $336 million in tax dollars the Virginia Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional in February."

The Examiner adds that local lawmakers are not optimistic the General Assembly will approve tax increases to pay for road and rail improvements in the region in the special session, which starts June 23.

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