Thursday, July 10, 2008

Route 50 at Loudoun County Parkway Closed

This traffic update from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office...

Route 50 is closed at Loudoun County Parkway due to a serious crash. Units from the Virginia State Police are currently on the scene. Motorists are advised to expect delays if traveling through this area.


  1. I saw a guy getting CPR covered in blood (older guy). Very sad. I have never seen anything like that and I hope he was ok but it did not look good.

  2. Do you know what happende to the biker? I was waiting for the green light before the ambulance or the police arrived. this accident happende at 5:30pm -5:40 July 10. When I came back home, (around 9pm)the police were still there, taking pictures. Not a good sign.

    Today, I also witnessed a huge crash on the same intersection!!!!!
    Today the accident was at 6:30pm, give or take.

    I am lucky I wasn't involved in any of them.

  3. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist did not make it-he worked with a friend of mine.

  4. i work with him. he is terribly missed at the office.

  5. He was my father. And though his life was taken from him far too soon, he died doing what he loved best - riding his motorcycle. It's so very comforting to hear how many people treasured him and miss his presence. The world has truly lost one of its best.