Monday, January 12, 2009

What's the Most Crash Prone Loudoun County Intersection?

The intersection of Waxpool Road at Loudoun County Parkway in Ashburn tops the list of the most crash prone intersections in Loudoun County for 2008. 
Waxpool Road at Loudoun County Parkway saw 86 crashes in 2008; rising from 64 crashes the previous year. The intersection of Harry Byrd Highway (Route 7) at Potomac View Road was the second most crash prone intersection in 2008, although it saw an overall decrease as compared to 2007. The intersection saw 61 crashes in 2008, down from 81 in 2007.  
Route 7 continues to have a number of crash prone intersections throughout the county. They include Route 7 at Ashburn Village Boulevard with 39, down from the previous year. Route 7 and Sterling Boulevard saw a decrease with 35 crashes in 2008 as compared to 43 in 2007.   
Every year the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Traffic Research Analyst compiles the top ten intersections in the county with the highest number of crashes. This year's traffic related statistics include 14 fatalities in Loudoun in 2008, down from 20 fatalities in 2007. There were no traffic fatalities at any of the intersections on the list of the most crash prone intersections.  
The following is the annual ranking of those intersections for accidents for the calendar years 2007 and 2008. These statistics are compiled based on Sheriff's Office data and does not include accidents worked by the Virginia State Police nor the Leesburg Police Department. 
Waxpool Rd./Loudoun Co. Pkwy (86)
Route 7/Potomac View Rd. (61)
Route 28/ Waxpool Rd.  (56)
Route 7/Route 659 (Belmont Ridge Rd.)  (55)
Route 50/Loudoun County Pkwy. (48)
Route 7/ George Washington Blvd. (44)
Old Ox Rd./Route 28 (40)
Route 7/Ashburn Village Blvd. (39)
Route 7/Loudoun County Pkwy. (37)
Route 7/Sterling Blvd. (35) 
Route 7/Potomac View Rd. (81)
Route 7/Belmont Ridge Rd. (78)
Waxpool Rd./Loudoun Co. Pkwy (64)
Rt. 28/Waxpool Rd. (52)
Route 7/Ashburn Village Blvd. (48)
Route 7/Route 9 (44)
Route 7/Sterling Blvd. (43)
Route 50/Loudoun Co. Pwky. (40)
Route 28/Waxpool Rd. (40)
Route 7/ Loudoun Co. Parkway (38)
Route 7/ George Wasington Blvd. (38)

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