Monday, February 9, 2009

Loudoun County Commuters Pay the Most in the Region

Did you hear about the Urban Land Institute'sTerwilliger Center for Workforce Housing? The Washington Post online talked about the report today, which looks at the tradeoff of moving to farther-out suburbs where the housing is cheaper, but then paying for it with longer commutes.

According to the Post, the takeaway from the report is that in many parts of the region, lower housing prices are largely offset by higher transportation costs. For example, the report says that residents of Loudoun County pay the highest combined price, $46,435 per year, but we also enjoy the highest median income, $101,289.

According to the Post, "Throughout the metro area, which stretches from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, we spend an average of nearly $23,000 each year on housing and $13,000 on transportation, accounting for almost 47 percent of median household income. Even worse: We waste an average of 60 hours each year stuck in traffic."

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