Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Parking at the Park in Hamilton Delayed Until June 15

It's not specifically traffic or transit, but this story, while dealing with parking, could have an impact on traffic in Hamilton.

According to the Loudoun Times, Hamilton's Town Council has put a two-month delay on its unpopular decision to forbid car parking at the town's park. The ban on parking cars at the park on West Colonial Highway is now set to take effect June 15.

According to the Times, "A committee made up of Mayor Ray Whitbey, Vice Mayor John Unger and Planning Commission Chairman Bob McCann, and at least three parents and out-of-town park users, will meet the week of April 13 to explore ways to keep the park open and paid for."

"One idea the committee might pursue, Whitbey said, is some sort of user fee or membership for park visitors who do not pay taxes in the town. The problem there, he said, is policing the system because the town doesn't have a staff to check on users and to monitor decals or membership cards. Council has wrestled for months with problems at the park, including parking and trash."

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