Friday, May 22, 2009

Poll Shows Strong National Support for Red-Light Cameras

In a recent national survey of voters, Public Opinion Strategies found that fully 69% of Americans support the use of "red-light cameras" at the most dangerous intersections in their states, while just 29% oppose them.

Those voters "strongly" supporting red-light cameras outnumber those who strongly oppose them by a wide 45%-18% margin.

The survey also showed that while support for red-light cameras is very high, voters believe that their support is not shared by others. By a 47%-41% margin, voters believe that most residents in their state oppose red-light cameras, providing evidence of a "disconnect" between voters' actual attitudes on the issue and their perception of how other voters feel.

Neil Newhouse, one of the founding partners of Public Opinion Strategies, noted that "support for these red-light cameras is not only very strong nationally, but cuts across all demographic and attitudinal groups, including men and women, young and old, Republicans and Democrats, and conservatives and liberals."

So, Loudoun County, what's your opinion about red-light cameras? Post your comments.

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1 comment:

  1. Dude (or Dudette), someone needs to do some fact checking before using a source. The guy that went around conducting that poll, is in the pocket for the manufacturers of those red-light cameras. He's a class A1 BS'er. Red light cameras increase traffic accidents. Why would anyone want to increase the number of traffic accidents? Isn't that the whole point of thinking about thinks like red-light cameras in the first place?