Thursday, August 6, 2009

VDOT Response to the Opening of Russell Branch Parkway

Here's an update from a post on Thursday, July 23, about the expected delays on Route 7 at Loudoun County Parkway for the next several weeks. Here's some of the info we posted:

Motorists are advised that beginning next week, major night closures will occur on Route 7 near the Loudoun County Parkway due to construction of the new Route 7/Route 607 interchange. Weather permitting, the closures will begin the night of Monday, July 27, and continue through September 3.
You'll notice we had a comment about that post from "anonymous" that said it would be helpful if VDOT would open Russell Branch Parkway. We wanted to let you know that VDOT has provided Loudoun County Traffic an update:

"The county submitted the street acceptance package to VDOT a couple of weeks ago for the section of Russell Branch Parkway from Loudoun County Parkway to Richfield Way. VDOT is now doing the inspection and going through the process to approve and accept the road into the VDOT system."

"The acceptance package for the other, longer section of Russell Branch Parkway—from Loudoun County Parkway to Ashburn Village Boulevard—has not yet been submitted to VDOT."

(Editors note: Apparently there is some corrective work to be done before the longer section can be submitted to VDOT, which also indicated they have not yet received a timeline for the completion of that work.)

"The shorter portion will likely be ready to open first, in the next couple of months. The second portion will be helpful in relieving delays near the Route 7/Loudoun County Parkway interchange."

Thanks to our readers for the questions/comments, and thanks to VDOT for responding and providing valuable information of interest to Loudoun County commuters.

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  1. I think it's a scam to give the One Loudoun developers an open road to move their trucks around on. This road has been done for over a year. We're all thrilled RBP to the Visa data center is opening soon. We're supposed to believe that section got built to spec but the longer section didn't? I'll be contacting my Broad Run supervisor.

  2. I was told that the richfield way entrance off of rt-7 would be closed once the eastern portion of RBP opens is that true??

  3. Loudoun County Traffic confirmed today with VDOT that the completion of the Route 7/Loudoun County Parkway interchange will include the closure of Richfield Way, George Washington Boulevard and the eastern leg of Smith Circle.

    Thanks for the comment/question.

  4. Do we have any idea of a planned date of opening of the eastern section. I noticed that the cement dividers were removed and traffic cones are now in place? Will the opening up of RBP and the closure of Richfield happen at the same time or will it be staggered?

  5. Any idea if Loudoun County parkway will be painting/including bike lane signs anytime soon?