Monday, October 26, 2009

Survey Says Virginians Are Unfamiliar with Gas Tax

According to a story on, Virginians do not know how much the statewide gas tax is.

The story reports that "many of the respondents in a recent statewide poll of 506 likely voters, commissioned by Christopher Newport University and two other state media outlets, believe the gas tax to be 72 cents per gallon statewide. In reality, the tax is about 18 cents, according to the survey results.

"The question about the gas tax was a multiple choice question. Respondents were given options like 28 cents, 45 cents, 72 cents and the correct answer of 18 cents per gallon. The results stated 63.7 percent admitted they didn’t know what the answer was.

"The last time the state increased the gas tax was 22 years ago, when the state created the Transportation Trust fund. Since 2002, money from the transportation trust fund has been funneled to cover the costs of maintenance and upkeep of the state’s transportation network. Now the state boasts 1,700 structurally-deficient bridges. Virginia Transportation officials announced last week the state will fork out $58 million to repair 119 bridges, two of which are in Loudoun County."

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