Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Information About VDOT and Clearing Snow

Here's an interesting read that Loudoun County Traffic found on the "In the News" community blog for the Raspberry Falls Homeowners Association. The post deals with a request from Loudoun County Dulles District Supervisor Stevens Miller to VDOT to clarify road clearing procedures (where and when); the post is a recap of the questions and the VDOT response.

Among the questions:
  • What is VDOT's policy governing which roads are plowed and when?
  • Why are some side streets and other secondary roads plowed while others nearby are not?
  • Whom should a resident contact if their street has been made impassable by the results of plowing a cross street?
Read the complete post on the Raspberry Falls HOA Web site. And here's hoping this weekend's predicted snow is nothing compared to the "December to Remember" snowfall!

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1 comment:

  1. Once again my court in Ashburn (Secretariat Court) is not plowed - they skip us every time and clear citation and leave the big mounds for us to deal with - when is our road going to be plowed????? Last year never plowed - complained numerous times - neighbors had to dig a circle to get out after 1.5 weeks - not going through that again this year - PLOW OUR COURT