Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waxpool Road at Loudoun Co. Pkwy Remains Most Crash Prone Intersection

The intersection of Waxpool Road at Loudoun County Parkway in Ashburn remains atop the list for the most crash prone intersection in Loudoun County for 2009.

Waxpool Road at Loudoun County Parkway saw 84 crashes in 2009, and was also the most crash prone intersection in 2008 with 86 crashes. The intersection of Harry Byrd Highway (Route 7) at Belmont Ridge was tied with the intersection of Route 7 and Potomac View Road as the second most crash prone intersection in Loudoun. Each intersection saw 73 crashes in 2009.

The following is the annual ranking of the most crash prone intersections for calendar year 2009. These statistics are compiled based on Sheriff’s Office data and do not include crashes worked by the Virginia State Police or the Leesburg Police Department.

Top 10 Crashes at Intersections
  • Waxpool Rd/Loudoun County Pkwy - 84 crashes (2008 rank: 1)
  • Harry Byrd Hwy/Belmont Ridge Rd - 73 crashes (2008 rank: 4)
  • Harry Byrd Hwy/Potomac View Rd - 73 crashes (2008 rank: 2)
  • Harry Byrd Hwy/ Ashburn Village Rd - 59 crashes (2008 rank: 8)
  • Sully Rd/Waxpool Rd - 53 crashes (2008 rank: 3)
  • Sully Rd/ Sterling Blvd - 52 crashes (2008 rank: not listed)
  • Sully Rd/Old Ox Rd - 52 crashes (2008 rank: 7)
  • Harry Byrd Hwy/Sterling Blvd - 49 crashes (2008 rank: 10)
  • Harry Byrd Hwy/George Washington Blvd - 47 crashes (2008 rank: 6)
  • Route 7 Bypass/Charles Town Pike - 47 crashes (2008 rank: not listed)
Every year the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Research Analyst compiles the top 10 intersections in the county with the highest number of crashes. This year’s traffic related statistics include 13 fatalities in Loudoun in 2009, down from 14 reported traffic related-fatalities in 2008. There were no traffic fatalities at any of the intersections on the list of the most crash prone intersections.
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  1. Once again, the county Sheriff's department does horrible math with this list. If you want to know which intersections are accident prone, you need to calculate a rate based on traffic volume, not just the raw number of accidents. This list is a "no duh" because all these intersections have the most traffic in the county.

  2. If they would just close that stupid left turn overpass onto waxpool and have right turn exit only, not only it will reduce crashes, it will ease traffic as well. I hope who ever though of that flying overpass doesn't work for traffic planning anymore.

  3. Is there a bus service that pick up from Waxpool Road/Omera Terr to Route 28 and to Route 50

  4. Here is a crazy idea, how about you Virginia f**ks learn how to drive!?

    Another nutty one, when you develop an area (i.e. Ashburn)... how about having more than 3 major roads (Rt 7, Waxpool and the Greenway ripoff)!? I understand the older areas of NOVA that can't be unf**ked, but common, this area was virtual virgin land back in the 80's.

    But hey, let's not fix shit... Lived in the area (by force not choice) 3 times now and this state seems to hand out diver's permits/licenses to anyone with a heartbeat!