Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life-Threatening Blizzard Hits Loudoun County

Stay Home; Do NOT Attempt to Drive

Loudoun County public safety officials strongly advise residents to stay home and not to attempt to drive. Life-threatening blizzard conditions have developed rapidly across the Baltimore-Washington region this morning.

The combination of snow, strong gusty winds and blowing snow will make travel extremely difficult, if not impossible, during the morning and into the afternoon. People are urged to remain at home, and not to drive. This will help road crews keep roads clear for emergency vehicles.

If you get stranded in your vehicle:
  • Do not leave your car to try to walk for assistance. You can quickly become disoriented in wind-driven snow and cold. This storm is expected to subside early this evening, so wait in your car for emergency help to arrive.
  • Periodically run your engine for about 10 minutes each hour for heat.
  • Ensure that your exhaust pipe is cleared of snow and ice.
  • Crack your windows to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Tie a colored cloth to your car’s antenna to be visible to rescuers.
  • From time to time, move your arms, legs, fingers and toes to keep blood circulating.

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