Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Plow Pictures -- Well Just a Neighborhood Picture Really

Al writes to Loudoun County Traffic...

Haven't seen a snow plow in Hamilton Knolls (Orchard Circle, Peach Tree Ct) since the storm started on Friday night. This is how it looks now and after I shoveled 6-8 inches off the road in front of my driveway at the beginning of the storm. The main roads may be bare, but who can get to them?

Thanks for the update and picture Al. If you have pictures of snow plows working in your area, e-mail them to

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  1. VDOT are doing a terrible job! They didn't clean my street for 1 week and we had a parking space for 5 cars. This morning when I went to my car, I saw a terrible picture. The snow removal machine trapped me from the 4 sides.I have around 40 inches of ice,surrounding my car. It was really not necessary...........It looks like the driver did it on purpose, because he could plow the snow at hundred different places. So I called the VDOT supervisor in Merrifield, VA, a gentleman who was extremely rude. He told me that he can not do anything. So why he is there if he can not control the operations. He gets his sellary from our taxes. Now I have to pay myself for towing, is it fare? It's just too much!!!I DON'T WANT TO SPEND ANOTHER WINTER IN VA!!!

  2. To all the Cry Baby's,
    You people need to understand one thing!! Once Vdot starts it's plowing operation the snow has to go some where and the edge of the road is the only place, so grow up and get over it!!!! The state needs to put a law into affect during snow removal of NO PARKING on the street during snow snow storms and this wouldn't be a problem, but rude home owners whom leave there cars parked on the street for days and then clean them off days later and throw it back out into the street, and then call Vdot and complain that the street hasn't been plowed, which is BS... Why don't some of you cry babys come and try and plow snow for 20 days straight 12-14 hours a day and then see see what its like then comment about it!!!! As far as taxes go the only taxes you pay for VDOT is gas tax so keep pumping gas and you will keep paying for Vdot Services.

    Vdot Operator!!!

  3. I have been on snow duty with VDOT nonstop on 12 hour shifts since the end of January. Snow duty is part of my job when we are called upon so by our snow supervisors and no it is not part of my regular job duties. Quit complaining that VDOT has done a terrible job. You do not have to go drive to work in the middle of the storm. It is mandatory for us VDOT employees to report to snow duty action everytime there is a high percentage of snow. Keep in mind that we do not get overtime for this. As a matter of fact I have to donate 5 hours of unpaid "overtime" every work week for these snow events. Why didn't you park your 5 vehicles in your driveway? I can bet that you probably put all the snow from your 5 vehicles back on the public road and complained that VDOT never plowed. I can bet that you probably whined because you couldn't get your little Honda Civic through the 30+ inches of snow. Uhm, yeah, we aren't responsible for getting snow off your vehicles. Why don't you just quit complaining and let us do our job? It's all the complainers out there who whine about their street not being plowed (and that takes a VDOT employee off plowing snow to check what your complaint is about...usually it has been plowed and you're just whining about having a little bit of snow on it) that makes our job difficult. I'm a tax paying citizen too and I commend my fellow VDOTers for doing such an amazing job through this snow season!

    VDOT Employee