Thursday, March 4, 2010

For "Safety" Reasons, Metro to Spend $162,000 to Re-Number Rail Cars

According to a Metro press release, "to enhance rail passenger safety" Metro is installing new train identification numbers atop all 1,130 rail cars.

The retrofit, which began last fall, removes the 2¼ inch, non-reflective exterior car numbers below the operator’s window and installs new, reflective five-inch numbers atop the end of each rail car. Metro reports that the program also features the installation of new, interior rail car door leaf numbers that makes it easier to identify a rail car door number if there is an issue with a door.

For our Loudoun County commuters that use Metrorail, we thought you'd like to know that the retrofit program is costing $162,000, which includes material, labor, installation, and the design for the exterior rail car and interior door leaf numbers.

Of course we guess there's some good news... without the recent fare hike we can only assume that the cost of re-numbering the rail cars would've been higher.

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