Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nuclear Security Summit to Cause Disruptions to Metro System

Up to 13 Metrobus lines will be detoured or experience possible short-notice service changes starting today, Sunday, April 11 to Tuesday, April 13, due street closures associated with to the Nuclear Security Summit at the Washington Convention Center.

Loudoun County commuters who use Metrobus in this area should expect major delays due to detours associated with the road closures. Rolling street closures associated with motorcades also may slow buses traveling downtown during this timeframe.

The Loudoun County Office of Transportation Services (OTS) and Veolia Transportation will operate on a modified version of the Emergency Service Plan for both Monday and Tuesday. This modified service will ensure that commuter bus patrons experience minimal delays in their commute.

All Potomac Falls Service (Cascades to WFC Metro) and Reverse Commute Service will operate on a regular schedule, both a.m. and p.m. The morning commute for the “long haul” service will operate as follows:
  • The Ashburn Link Service will not run.
  • No routes will enter Washington DC. All buses from Purcellville, Leesburg, Dulles North, Dulles South, Ashburn North and CFC will drop off in Rosslyn ONLY with the exception of the Pentagon and Crystal City buses. All Pentagon and Crystal City riders will be dropped off at their regular stops and times.
  • The M1A, M2A, and M3A routes will run on their regular schedule.
The evening service for the “long haul” service will run as follows:
  • The Midday bus will depart from Rosslyn at 2:15 p.m.
  • All runs will depart from Rosslyn only (1801 North Lynn St). Buses will depart approximately every 5 - 10 minutes from Rosslyn between 3:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. There will be NO runs from the Pentagon or Crystal City.
  • Supervisors will be on site in Rosslyn to oversee the departures.
  • Most buses will proceed to Dulles North and then will be redirected to Dulles South, Ashburn North, CFC, Leesburg and Purcellville as needed. A supervisor will be on site at Dulles North to oversee the operation.
  • Riders may be directed to change buses at Dulles North in order to get to their final destination. Staff will try to keep these transfers to a minimum.
  • The M1P, M2P, and M3P routes will run on their regular schedule.
In addition, the Mt. Vernon Square/7th St-Convention Center Metrorail Station (Yellow and Green Lines) will close at 9 p.m. tonight and will reopen at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, April 14, due to security concerns associated with the summit. Trains will be able to pass through the station, but passengers will not be allowed to access the station.

Customers who use these Metrobus routes are encouraged to take advantage of the Next Bus prediction technology to get an idea of when the next bus will be arriving by logging onto Metro’s Web site or calling 202-637-7000 and saying, “Next Bus.”

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