Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poll Finds Residents Want More Transit, Like Metro

Here's an interesting article from the Greater, Greater Washington blog about transit. According to the blog, a new Washington Post poll shows large majorities of residents favor transit expansion and are generally pleased with the quality of Metro.

"62% of respondents said the region should focus its resources on "providing more public transportation options, such as trains or buses," while 30% favored "expanding and building roads" (question 16).

"Residents said this despite more listing traffic as the greatest problem facing the region (38%) than any other (question 1), and 65% of those who commute to work driving alone (question 3).

"Residents, even those who themselves drive, seem to broadly support the idea that our region must accommodate its growth through transit and transit-oriented development to avoid even greater traffic. 43% of respondents reported not being able to take transit to work (down from 56% in 2005), but still support building transit."

Read the entire article...

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