Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Greater Greater Washington Says Loudoun County is Blindly Pushing Massive, Senseless Road Widenings

Did you see the article on Greater Greater Washington by David Alpert about Loudoun County's transportation plan?

According to the article, "Loudoun County is pushing a plan to widen huge numbers of roads across the county, but residents are fighting back."
"The plan is something right out of Robert Moses' 1950s designs: Draw bigger and wider roads everywhere, at even spacing, and design completely around the needs of cars to the exclusion of people.

"My grandparents used to live in South Florida (like so many others), where the entire landscape is filled with a grid of six-lane highways surrounding country clubs and housing subdivisions.

"It's not a pleasant urban form, and is certainly not walkable or bikeable. It's not what Loudoun should aspire to look like."
Read the complete article on Greater Greater Washington.

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