Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Loudoun County's Countywide Transportation Plan Remains in the News

More media coverage about Loudoun County's Countywide Transportation Plan.

From today's Leesburg Today:
"If last week's Board of Supervisors' committee meeting is any indication, the debate over the proposed changes to the Countywide Transportation Plan will be heated, as supervisors passionately defended their positions, and challenged each other on what the plan should look like and whether the county was approaching it in the right way.

"During the May 12 Transportation/Land Use Committee meeting seven members of the Board of Supervisors were present, but there was no agreement on whether the CTP should be seen as the "30,000-foot view" of transportation, or should deal with specifics, like money available for road construction, approved development and allowed land use."
And from today's Loudoun Times:
"A group of residents is asking Loudoun supervisors to revise the county’s transportation plan before approving it, saying the blueprint is too costly and is not calibrated to federal standards.

"Citizens for a Countywide Transportation Plan, known as CCTP, a group that formed in March to provide alternative ideas, has produced its own proposal on how to fix the area’s road congestion problems.

"The group commissioned a transportation consulting firm to review the county’s plan. Vermont-based Smart Mobility Inc. found that the Countywide Transportation Plan is fundamentally flawed"
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