Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Video - Technology Can Stop Drunk Driving Says MADD

Editor's note: Always a topic of interest for those on the roadways, but a very timely report now that we're in the midst of graduation season, Memorial Day weekend approaching and soon the start of summer.

"Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable. We allow people to make stupid decisions. We have the technology out there that could save them," says Chris Komschak, Program Manager at Virginia Mother's Against Drunk Driving in a recent WUSA TV-9 report.

According to the story, car companies are researching devices that would read your blood alcohol content from your breath, or on your finger pads.

"When you grab the steering wheel, it measures the blood alcohol content from your hands fingertips. They're also looking at putting devices in lap belts to measure your breath," said Komschak.

Twelve states require all those convicted of DWI's to have ignition innerlock devices which disable the car if the driver is drunk. MADD tried to get that same law passed in Virginia, but were unsuccessful. Only those who blew twice the limit have to use the device.

Watch the WUSA TV video below for more on this story.

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