Sunday, June 27, 2010

Washington Post Reports That Roads Need Repair -- But Money is Lacking

The Washington Post reported yesterday that many area roads, in need of repair, are in trouble because there is so little maintenance money available from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for repairs.

Virginia officials have eliminated much of the commonwealth's funding for regional secondary-road programs -- in use since the state's Transportation Department was founded a century ago to maintain rural and suburban arteries -- because of another budget crunch. Now, dozens of road improvements and repairs across Northern Virginia, including some under construction, will grind to a halt by July and August, resulting in still-worsening congestion for many arterial roads that feed into the region's already clogged highways.

And the worst of it will slam Loudoun County, where more than 60 percent of suburban roads are deficient -- defined as pavement that is so deeply pitted and rutted that it should require immediate asphalt repair. The county's secondary-road budget from the state next year: $1,024.

Read the full Washington Post article online.

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