Friday, August 6, 2010

Solutions to Speeding Problems Presented by Homeowners Association

According to a report in the Leesburg Today, the Tavistock Farms HOA board of directors has presented Leesburg's Standing Residential Traffic Committee with a list of possible solutions for the community's speeding concerns.

"Over the past several months, residents have petitioned the SRTC to implement measures to help curb speeding along different stretches of Tavistock Drive, particularly in the vicinity of Cool Spring Elementary School. A driver feedback sign in the area continually reported higher than permitted speeds in the 25 miles per hour zone.

"After the SRTC initially endorsed the installation of a flashing pedestrian crossing signal at the intersection of Tavistock Drive and Macalister Drive, committee members learned from the Loudoun County Public Schools' staff that such a sign was not wanted in the area, as a crossing guard is already stationed in front of the school to help students cross Tavistock Drive safely.

"The Tavistock HOA board had been considering for several months what specific solutions they wanted to see put in place to address the speeding problems. Monday night, four key items were identified."

Read the complete Leesburg Today article.

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