Monday, August 30, 2010

Texting While Driving is Way More Dangerous than Drinking and Driving

According to a blog post by Erik Qualman on the Socialnomics website, "If you have been imploring your teenager, husband, or wife to avoid texting or tweeting while driving; you have been vindicated by results (below) from a recent Car and Driver test."

The results are frightening. At 70 mph, it takes a driver 15 feet to brake while driving drunk. Yet, compared to sending a text this is almost twice as safe as it takes 31 feet to brake while sending a text. Driving 35 mph, it takes a texting driver 25 feet before braking compared to only 4 feet for a drunk driver (6 times safer!).

* Please note that these stats are only for comparison to show the dangers of texting while driving and we are NOT condoning drinking and driving!

Source of cartoon: unknown

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1 comment:

  1. Here is another visual I just read that may help drive the message home to some teens - especially with school about to start.

    A football stadium...imagine that and all that happens in & around it. Keep that image in your mind when you consider texting & driving. I learned recently that the average person who chooses to text while driving at 55 mph has their eyes essentially closed for an entire football stadium length - and that's not just the field - that is over 400 yards. Bad idea...

    Erik Wood