Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Washington Examiner Says Dulles Rail Was Never About Getting Riders to the Airport on Time

Did you see the editorial yesterday in the Washington Examiner about the Dulles Toll Road? Local opinion editor Barbara Hollingsworth writes that, "It was never about getting the public to the airport on time."

"As its name implies, Dulles Rail was initially sold to the public as a high-priority transit project that would give area travelers convenient Metrorail access to Washington Dulles International Airport, the region's busiest airport. Indeed, this was repeatedly cited as the main reason for spending more than $5 billion to extend a transit system that was literally falling apart from neglect. The slight detour to Tysons Corner was downplayed as a secondary benefit. Now we find out that like almost every other aspect of the Dulles Rail project, this too was just another part of the scam."

Read the complete Washington Examiner editorial.

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