Monday, August 23, 2010

Waxpool Road at Loudoun County Parkway Construction

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We're sure you've noticed the road work being done on Waxpool Road at the Loudoun County Parkway.

After all the time it took to remove the two left turn lanes and open up three through lanes -- which dramatically improved traffic flow -- now VDOT has closed the left turn lane and is tearing up another lane! And traffic through the intersection is now horrible as drivers head out of Ashburn toward Route 28 with only two lanes!

The morning rush, which has always been bad, is even worse. And now with the construction even the late afternoon/evening hours are no picnic!

VDOT has an informational project Web page, which notes that the "design-build project will add additional turn lanes and upgrade an existing signal at Waxpool Road and Loudoun County Parkway in Loudoun County." Tim Hartzell, P.E., 703-383-2195, is the VDOT contact.

What's your experience with the intersection? Let us know by commenting below.

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  1. This intersection is HORRIBLE and further show the incompetence of VDOT.

  2. This intersection begs for an Interchange now. More and more construction is being scheduled by our County Supervisors. The traffic volume on this road is horrendous.

  3. If not for the exhorbitant toll on 267 west to go just ONE exit past 28 (Loudoun County Parkway), this intersection would not see this sort of volume. In addition, the eastbound left turn signal is not long enough to let all traffic clear the lane. Adding the third through lane made a difference, but limiting the left turn signal along with having only one lane instead of two, caused people to stop in the left lane waiting to get into the left turn lane.

  4. My apologies. Loudoun County Parkway is the SECOND exit past route 28.

  5. This is all good, but we need to open Nokes Blvd to Loudoun County Pkwy to relive Waxpool.