Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dulles Greenway - Competition that has Taken Traffic Highlighted by MacAtlas

Here's an interesting article from Toll Road News about the Dulles Greenway.

"Macquarie Atlas Roads in their latest six monthly report have some neat illustrations showing the VDOT improvements to competing free routes to the Dulles Greenway that have devastated their traffic. The Greenway's current traffic should be a thorough embarrassment to traffic and revenue forecasters not least the old Vollmer Associates of New York City, nowadays Stantec.

"As soon as the road opened it was clear they'd fundamentally messed up their calculations of motorists' value of time (VOT) saved. At the $2 toll they'd recommended the Greenway got barely a third of the forecast traffic, and after five months (March 1996) the operator dropped the toll to a dollar.

"Then, sure enough with the tolls about right the traffic came. Toll rates were gradually increased. But there was never the revenue that had been projected because of Vollmer's gross initial error on VOT."

Read the complete Toll Road News article.

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