Thursday, September 9, 2010

NHTSA Says Traffic Fatalities are at a 60-year Low

The Washington Post reported today that deaths on America's highways have plunged to their lowest level in 60 years, as smarter designs make streets and vehicles safer and aggressive campaigns are waged against drunk and distracted drivers.
"The number of people killed dropped to 33,808 in 2009, a total 3,615 below the previous year. It was the lowest total since 1950 and marked the fourth consecutive year highway fatalities have declined since 2005, when 39,252 people died. Motorcycle deaths were down by 16 percent, the first decline in 11 years.

"The fatality count was lower in the District, Maryland and Virginia, and all but nine other states, according to a report scheduled to be issued Thursday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which compiles annual statistics gathered from each state."

Read the full article.

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