Friday, October 22, 2010

Ashburn Patch Reports Sen. Mark Herring Pushes for Progress on Route 7

In case you haven't heard of (a "hyper local" online news source from AOL) -- and specifically the Ashburn Patch -- here's an interesting transit related article by Ashburn Patch editor Dusty Smith.

According to the article, business and community leaders have elected the planned Belmont Ridge interchange as the top priority in their analysis of the Rt. 7 corridor and Sen. Mark Herring (D-33), who established the group, has requested a portion of recently discovered state transportation funding to move forward.

Improving traffic along Rt. 7 has long been a goal in Loudoun County, and often a frustrating one.

While progress has been made in recent years to the segment from Rt. 28 to Leesburg–where three interchanges have been constructed and even more lights have been removed, improving the flow of traffic–east of Rt. 28 has proved more troublesome.
The recent improvements along the segment of Rt. 7 west of Rt. 28 made the Belmont Ridge interchange an easy choice to complete one stretch of the highway.
Developers have built Rt. 7 interchanges at River Creek and Claiborne parkways, while Loudoun constructed the interchange at Loudoun County Parkway. Miller & Smith, the developer of One Loudoun has committed to build the Ashburn Village Boulevard interchange before it can develop its project at the southwest corner of Rt. 7 and Loudoun County Parkway.
Once complete, those improvements will leave just one traffic signal along the corridor between Rt. 28 and the Town of Leesburg.

Read the complete Patch article.

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