Friday, October 8, 2010

Waxpool at Loudoun County Parkway... Finally!

Under the "it's about time" category comes word that the third lane is finally back on Waxpool at Loudoun County Parkway, heading out of Ashburn toward Route 28.

Last night we noticed crews cleaning the roadway getting it ready for striping, and today the third straight lane re-opened along with one of the left turn lanes. I don't know about you, but it's amazing how much traffic that additional lane can move, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

After this writer spent some 20-plus minutes Thursday afternoon (approximately 5:45-6:10 p.m.) trying to go about a mile through the intersection, we're definitely glad to see three lanes!

Now let's see how long it takes to lengthen the left turn lane(s) on Waxpool coming from Route 28, not to mention the project of extending the left turn lanes on the other side of Loudoun County Parkway, turning left onto Waxpool.

That whole intersection is a mess! Hopefully one day the lanes will be fixed, the lights will be synchronized, and maybe if we're lucky, another route can be found for the tremendous amount of traffic coming into and out of Ashburn.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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  1. There is a fix for all the traffic heading out from Ashburn trying to get to 28 S to get to 267 in the mornings and back in the evenings. All these people go to all this trouble to save the toll they have to pay on the Greenway. If the Greeway toll is reduced or matched to what they charge on the toll road, most, if not all, will take the Greenway... which will definitely reduce the traffic.

    Also, there are NO alternate routes... which you have already covered.

  2. Extend Shellhorn to the Dulles North parking area or Barrister to Ox Road, get Glouchester out to 28, and connect the north half of the LC Pkwy to the south half come to mind.

  3. A cloverleaf with a flyover of LCP over Waxpool would be the correct permanent fix, but I know that is only a dream...

  4. The timing of the left turn light from Waxpool onto Loudoun Cty Pkwy needs to be lengthened! Sure the lane is opened up--but ony 3 or 4 cars can now get thru at a time. I mean, come on, why do make things so hard & miserable for folks?