Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Silver Line -- D.C. to Ashburn Redux

From the Ashburn Patch, by Mike Conway:

The Silver Line extension of Metrorail is a $5.25 billion project scheduled for completion in 2017.
Anybody who has tried to commute to Tysons Corner from Ashburn knows what a big, costly headache the construction has created. So while on the one hand it's exciting to imagine an alternative to sitting in endless traffic on the way to Tysons, Arlington or downtown, I personally have to stop and think, "Is there possibly a better way?"
During my morning jog along the WandOD trail I began to ponder this question. Why, I thought to myself, are we spending billions of dollars constructing a new rail bed when, at this very moment, people in tight pants are bicycling up and down this one?

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