Thursday, November 4, 2010

Transportation Updates from the Potomac District

In her November newsletter, Potomac District Supervisor Andrea McGimsey writes that "We have seen some great progress on transportation projects recently, from the opening of the Route 28 / Nokes Boulevard and the Route 7 / Loudoun County Parkway interchanges to the completed pedestrian path along Palisades Parkway from Potomac View Road to Cascades Marketplace. We also finally broke ground on the completion of Atlantic Boulevard, a crucial road link in our local road network."

Below are traffic/transit related items she covered in her newsletter. Thanks to the Supervisor for letting us post them online.

Update on the Proposed Route 28 Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Following a number of stakeholder interest sessions held over the summer, the Planning Commission and County staff members have been working to synthesize the community’s input into a draft of the Route 28 Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM).  The Amendment has been under review by a Planning Commission subcommittee since early September and will be forwarded for final review at the November 10th Planning Commission work session. Work sessions are open to the public to watch for more information. Or contact Miguel Salinas in the Planning Department.

Citizens Discuss Bike and Pedestrian Improvements to Claude Moore Park
Two community input meetings took place to discuss improved access for bicycles and pedestrians to Claude Moore Park on October 12th and 13th.  The decision to investigate possible improvements to the park’s access came about as a result of the Potomac/Sterling Outreach Process, intended for citizens to discuss their concerns and recommend strategies to improve the quality of their daily life. During the meeting, County staff presented different options designed to improve safe bicycle and pedestrian access to the east and west of the park, including paving and improving existing gravel trails into the park, creating new multi use trails, bike lanes and a new crosswalk.  Citizens discussed and prioritized which options were most important to them.  Staff is currently in the process of reviewing the input given by community members and developing recommendations to present to the Board in the near future.  For more information on the meetings contact Steve Torpy of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services. 

Groundbreaking at Atlantic Boulevard
Board members, Senator Herring, the Virginia Department of Transportation, the construction team, and a number of interested citizens celebrated the groundbreaking of the Atlantic Boulevard Extension project on October 27th. The project will extend the boulevard a half-mile, providing the missing link along Atlantic Boulevard between Church Road and Magnolia Road, creating a continuous road parallel to Route 28 from Sterling Road (Route 846) north to Route 7 and Algonkian Parkway. The project features four lanes, a raised median, an asphalt multi-purpose trail on the east and a concrete sidewalk on the west. It will also feature a single-span bridge over Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail with connections to the trail.  Its completion will help alleviate cut-through traffic in Dominion Station.  This new section of road is scheduled to be open to traffic in late 2011, with final completion in the spring of 2012. See Atlantic Boulevard Extension for more information as well as a list of contacts.

Sidewalk Section on Palisades Parkway Complete
Construction is complete on a 5-foot concrete sidewalk along Palisades Parkway between Potomac View Road and River Meadows Terrace.  Pedestrians and bicyclists have been able to use the sidewalk for safe access since late September.  We expect final inspection and acceptance by the Virginia of Department of Transportation in November. The plan for sidewalk construction is part of a county-wide effort for bicycle and pedestrian safety.  Palisades Parkway connects residential communities in Potomac Falls to Cascades Marketplace, the Cascades Library, the Cascades Senior Center, and is near to NOVA Community College’s Loudoun Campus.  Many residents consider this area to be the heart of their community due to its opportunities for shopping, recreation, exercise, and education.

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