Saturday, March 5, 2011

Question About a Traffic Light on Route 28

Loudoun County Traffic received the following question and thought it might be beneficial to pass it along to the rest of our readers. Following the question is the latest information according to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

"What is the status of the light on Route 28 north and Steeplechase Drive? I get caught at the light or the backup from the light everyday on my commute home. For the life of me I can't understand why it's there. Steeplechase traffic can use Atlantic Blvd. and Nokes Blvd. to go north on Rt. 28."

According to VDOT, this is the sole remaining traffic signal on Route 28 within the Route 28 Corridor Improvements project. The next signal to the south is at the E. C. Lawrence Park entrance in Fairfax County, just north of I-66.

There is a plan to eventually remove the signal at Steeplechase. It is currently a right-in, right-out entrance, mostly for vehicles entering Route 28, since there is no acceleration lane as motorists enter northbound Route 28. Because there are no traffic signals upstream, in heavy traffic it is likely that there would not be sufficient gaps for a safe merge. But, the signal will be removed when Atlantic Boulevard is completed and open to traffic, currently scheduled for the end of 2011.

Commonwealth Transportation Board item on access at Steeplechase.

Thanks to VDOT personnel for providing this update to the readers of Loudoun County Traffic.

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  1. I still think Orbital is paying off VDOT to keep that thing open. It's so annyoing to be going 55 and having to break for that one single light after having just passed the dreaded Waxpool left exit....

  2. I want all traffic lights north of I66 removed.

  3. I want exit numbers there. I want this interstate 366.

  4. I want the light to go away, and the right from steeplechase onto 28 to be closed but the raod to turn ONTO steeplechase from 28 to remain. That's a great back door to a lot of hot spots and I don't see that taking away the right turn would impact 28 or antything else negatively.

  5. Steeplechase Dr at 28 has now been completely closed and the light has been removed. Atlantic Blvd to Church Rd is not yet open, but should be by the end of the year (hopefully soon).

  6. Come on, traffic on 28 is still heavy, even though the signal at steeplechase is removed.

  7. Remove ramp to EB 66 from SB 28, upgrade Braddock and Walney Roads to 4 ramp parclo, and provide Braddock Road entrance and additional parking to Elanor C. Lawrence Park.