Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transportation Update from the Broad Run District

Here's a transportation update from the April issue of the Broad Run District newsletter from Loudoun County Supervisor Lori L. Waters.

Loudoun County Parkway Widening
Today, the Board also voted 4-3-2 (Burton, Miller, Burk opposed and Buckley and Waters absent) to allow staff to gather more information on a Public-Private Partnership proposal from Beaumeade Associates, LLP c/o Lerner Enterprises. The proposal would allow the County to widen from two to four lanes the segment of Loudoun County Parkway (LCP) in the area of Redskins Park. This segment, currently on the Lerner Property (not controlled by VDOT), presents a danger to residents with a sudden narrowing from four to two lanes, a decrease in speed limit, and the curb which juts out oddly. Beaumeade has agreed to provide right-of-way and/or easements at no cost to the County. The County would pay for the widening upfront and Beaumeade/Lerner would reimburse the County when their development occurs. At this point, staff will now take on other offers for this project and come back to the BOS with options.

Russell Branch Parkway Extension
Also at the April 5 Board meeting, we initiated a process to amend Ashburn Village Center proffers to allow for the County to proceed with construction of Russell Branch Parkway (RBP) behind the Community Church, from Ashburn Road to Ashburn Village Boulevard. The change will allow the county to accept cash in lieu of construction from Ashburn Village Center owners, B.F. Saul. This would ensure that the designated portion of RBP was designed and constructed at the same time, as opposed to a more costly phased in process.

Route 7/659 (Belmont Ridge Road) Interchange
The FSGO committee also voted to recommend the full Board approve an increase in the contract award for the architectural and engineering design services for the Rt. 659/Rt. 7 interchange in the amount of $1,721,638. The increase is required to extend the footprint of the widening of Route 659 associated with the interchange from its limit of future Russell Branch Parkway to south of Gloucester Parkway. During the 2011 General Assembly session, funding was approved for an illustriave list of transportation projects throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The County and VDOT have been told that up to $72 million will be available for the Route 7/659 interchange.

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