Thursday, June 30, 2011

Road Issues in the Blue Ridge District

From the e-newsletter of Supervisor Jim Burton comes an update on several road issues in the Blue Ridge District.

  • Creighton Road / Belmont Ridge Road Intersection: After hearing from a constituent about problems with this intersection, reinforced by my wife who termed it "scary," I drove over to see for myself. After one look, I called County staff to begin the process with VDOT for the installation of a traffic signal. I also suggested that the installation of four-way stop signs might provide some relief for the short-term. I expect to hear from VDOT later this week on what actions they can take to alleviate the concerns of school bus drivers and parents leaving Creighton's Corner Elementary School.
  • Route 7/287 Interchange: I have watched with growing concern as the traffic back-ups on the west-bound exit from Route 7 have extended out of the exit lane and onto the roadway of the Route 7 by-pass. The situation is clearly a catastrophe waiting to happen. After much prodding, local VDOT officials recently informed County staff, that they had received permission to conduct an operational analysis. This is the first step to actually implementing a solution and it is long past time.
  • Route 9/Route 287 Traffic Signal: After receiving complaints from several constituents who live along Route 287, Supervisor Sally Kurtz and I requested that VDOT change the timing of the signal. This has since occurred and should enhance the mobility of motorists on Route 287 without significantly slowing the trip down Route 9.
Reprinted from the June Blue Ridge District Newsletter of Supervisor Jim Burton.

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