Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Says "Kill" the Dulles Rail Project

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli hopes "they" kill the Dulles rail project.

"I hope they don't do Phase Two," Cuccinelli said recently on WMAL's Morning Majority. "I mean, Phase One is already two and a half times its original cost."

According to the WMAL Radio article, Cuccinelli says Phase Two, which will extend Metro from Wiehle Avenue to the airport, is an especially bad deal for Loudoun County.

Read all of the WMAL article and listen to the interview (via YouTube).

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  1. Put a muzzle on this guy already

  2. Ken Cuccinelli needs to worry about Attorney General business and back off things he does not understand (that means he should resign I suppose). Not going to Dulles is simply a stupid idea that this point.