Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Latest Proposal for Dulles Rail Project, Would Scrap Airport Station

According to WTOP Radio, a boardmember of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is proposing a radical change in the Dulles Rail project, saying the Dulles International Airport station should be scrapped altogether.

Boardmember Robert Clarke Brown made the suggestion during a MWAA meeting Wednesday, suggesting that the nearby Route 28 station should instead become the Airport station, and the Route 28 station should be outfitted with a "people mover" system that would ferry riders to and from the airport.
"In my view, this would actually be superior transportation service for our passengers [compared to what is currently planned], because the people mover would take them to the terminal," says Brown.
Under the current proposal for a Metro station at Dulles Airport, riders would get off the train on an elevated platform near the north airport garage, which is on the opposite side of the large parking bowl in front of the main terminal. Riders will then have to take an elevator down to an underground area beneath the parking bowl and take moving walkways to the terminal. 

According to the WTOP story, when asked how much could be saved, "the head of the Dulles Rail project, Pat Nowakowski, told the board this option could save around $70 million"

Read the complete story or you can listen to the WTOP story by Adam Tuss.

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