Friday, February 10, 2012

Transportation Updates from Ashburn District Supervisor Ralph Buona

From Loudoun County Supervisor Ralph Buona's Ashburn District newsletter comes his transportation updates:

One of the main concerns I heard when I asked for your vote was TRAFFIC! There is good news about some projects that are underway that will go a long way in improving our transportation network and reducing traffic. I will provide an overview of at least one project in each newsletter.

  • The Route 7/Belmont Ridge Road (Route 659) Interchange and realignment and the widening of Belmont Ridge Road between Route 7 and Gloucester Parkway project is a huge undertaking that has been in the works for several years. Loudoun’s plan is for Route 659 to be a four lane road. A recent board action preserved the right-of-way for six lanes in the Comprehensive Transportation Plan. There is no funding nor are there any plans at this time for Route 659 to be expanded to six lanes.
  • Belmont Ridge Road (Route 659) to Gloucester Parkway: The plan is to expand Route 659 from two to four lanes and to complete a grade separated interchange at Route 7. This project is funded and construction is scheduled to begin in 2013. There is a public hearing being held by the Loudoun Office of Transportation Services regarding the design of the interchange. The meeting will be held at Seldon’s Landing Elementary School on Thursday, February 23 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.
  • Gloucester Parkway to Hay Road: The design to expand the road from two to four lanes is complete. There is no funding for construction at this time.
  • The expansion of Gloucester Parkway to Portsmouth Boulevard is estimated to cost $40 million.
  • The expansion of Portsmouth Boulevard to Hay Road is estimated to cost $25 million.
  • Belmont Ridge Road widening south of the Greenway to Truro Parish Road.
  • Broadlands Boulevard to the southern property boundary of Goose Creek Preserve development. There are proffer funds to complete this section and construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2012.
  • From the southern property boundary of Goose Creek Preserve development to Truro Parish Road. The estimated cost of Section B is $8.3 million. There are some funds proffered for this project, but not enough for completion.
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