Tuesday, March 13, 2012

VDOT Video: Keeping Virginia Moving

In this video from VDOT, Reggie Shaffer, who works in the Virginia Department of Transportation sign shop, tells how he keeps Virginia moving.

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1 comment:

  1. You do a good job on the signs themselves, Reggie - but it sure would be nice if the managers there actually scheduled the proper signs to be put up during and after road-changing construction.
    I travel a lot by car and Virginia is the most disorganized state as far as signage I have seen. Intersections are moved and rebuilt, but the old signs stay for months and even years, new lanes are opened or closed, merge lanes are moved, but signs tell you to merge to now non-existent lanes (Riverbend Pkwy Leesburg) for years afterward. Lanes merge and turn into turn-only lanes, then you see the tiny sign up ahead past where you should safely merge (Battlefield Pkwy&267 Leesburg).

    But the signs are made well, so good job Reggie - now get your boss to do his job properly and coordinate and you'll be on to something ;-)