Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's Up with Getting a Signal at the Intersection of Waxpool Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard?

Thanks to a reader of Loudoun County Traffic comes this information from VDOT about the intersection of Waxpool Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard.

Our reader writes that she travels that area everyday and witnesses near misses. "Someone will get hurt at that intersection if this congestion is not taken care of."

Furthermore, our reader contacted the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and was told by Marc A. Cioffi, VDOT Area Traffic Engineer for Prince William and Loudoun Counties, that "a signal will not be installed until the widening of Ashburn Village Boulevard (by a private developer) and Waxpool Road (by Loudoun County) has been completed."

"To date, the developer has completed the widening of Ashburn Village Blvd. but the county has not completed the widening of Waxpool Road. It is the county’s intent to install the signal during their Waxpool widening project."

Any response from Loudoun County leadership?

Thanks to our readers for sharing traffic/transit updates and we'll share news and information as we get it.

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