Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Board Passes Motion to Fund Design for Improvements to Waxpool Road

At the recent Board of Supervisors’ Public Input/General Business meeting, the Board voted unanimously to fund design for improvements at two intersections on Waxpool Road.

Broad Run District Supervisor Shawn Williams brought forward the item, which funds $1 million for design work to improve traffic flow at the intersections of Pacific Boulevard and Broderick Drive.

“After the improvements to the intersection of Loudoun County Parkway and Waxpool Road two years ago, these two intersections, Pacific Boulevard and Broderick Drive, were identified as the next priorities for interim solutions by the 2008 Waxpool Road Corridor Study,” said Williams.

The project will include improvements to the right turn movement from southbound Pacific Boulevard to westbound Waxpool Road and provide lane extensions and additions to enable both intersections to have the left turn signal phases run concurrently. Having the intersections left turn signal phases run concurrently will allow for longer light cycles for through-traffic on Waxpool Road. The project will also include dual turn lane modifications and signal changes which will allow for increased traffic flow per signal phase.

“This should help solve the terrible backups that occur when needing to make a right turn out of Target and Wegmans onto Waxpool Road,” said Williams. “It should also significantly reduce congestion in the evenings coming off Route 28 onto Waxpool Road. This project, along with the extension of Gloucester Parkway, which is expected to take 15,000 cars off Waxpool Road daily, will shorten commutes and increase commerce.”

Funding for the design is coming from existing local gasoline tax funding, specifically from a project the Board cancelled earlier in the year, the Franklin Park – Park and Ride Lot. There will be no impact on the general fund.

The Board also directed county staff bring a funding plan to the Board for the construction of the improvements, which is expected to cost $6.4 million. The proposed funding plan will include existing developer proffer funding, the balance of local gas tax funding and a local match from the Commonwealth of Virginia’s FY 2014 State Revenue Share program.

Reprinted from Broad Run District Supervisor Shawn Williams email newsletter.

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