Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Transportation Updates from Ashburn District Supervisor Ralph Buona

Here's some transportation updates from Ashburn District Supervisor Ralph Buona's email newsletter.

Ashburn Village Boulevard/Route 7 Interchange Design
Working with BF Saul and One Loudoun, Supervisor Williams and I were able to resolve the last remaining hurdle to this interchange with respect to the design.  Funds have been allocated for the county’s participation in design revisions for this interchange.   The 60% redesign will be completed in 90 days from issuance of notice to proceed. If the cost of the alternative design is less than the current design, One Loudoun will proceed to final design and right of way can be acquired.  Construction could begin in 2013.  Thank you to our hard working county employees who helped make this happen.

Belmont Ridge Road/Route 7 Interchange 
The Interchange Justification Report has been approved.  Utility plans are being prepared by Dewberry and are undergoing quality review.  A meeting with the utility companies to discuss relocation and right of way needs is planned for February.  Right of way plans should then be prepared by late April.  County and VDOT staffs plan to meet soon to discuss the right of way acquisition process. Dewberry will be seeking location design approval through the VDOT Chief Engineer.
Increase in Greenway Tolls 
As reported in my December newsletter, the owners of the Greenway filed an application with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to raise tolls.  Even though we spoke out against it, the SCC approved the requested toll hike, increasing tolls by 10 cents.  The new rates will increase from $4 to $4.10 with weekday peak rates from $4.80 to $4.90.  However, there is legislation pending in the General Assembly for The Commonwealth of Virginia to purchase the privately held Greenway.  If the Commonwealth is successful, a reduction in tolls and distance based pricing should occur.
Waxpool Road/Faulkner Parkway to Unbridled
Including new traffic signal at Ashburn Village Boulevard& Waxpool Road

The county is finalizing land acquisition and aiming for “bid for construction” to occur in March for this project.  Contract award and approval by the BOS will take two to three months, and then construction will commence in late spring to early summer.  The much needed traffic signal at Ashburn Village Boulevard and Waxpool Road will be constructed as part of this project.  My office is monitoring this project very closely as it is critically important to make this improvement as soon as possible.

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