Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Loudoun County Sheriff Advises Residents to Drive Safe this Afternoon; Heavy Rainfall Possible

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is advising motorists to use caution when driving this afternoon as the area is expected to receive up to 1" to 2" of rain in some parts of the county. 
Rainfall is expected to continue this afternoon and throughout the evening. Heavy rainfall is possible locally and could impact traffic on area roadways. The rainfall could also cause roadways to experience high water and others may become flooded as waterways begin to crest.
Loudoun County Sheriff Mike Chapman asks residents to take measures to ensure a safe commute home. "We encourage you to monitor local weather and traffic reports and to slow down during inclement weather and maintain a proper following distance," said Chapman. "Our priority is that you have a safe commute home," he added. 
The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office reminds motorists that if you find yourself driving in potential flash flood conditions:
  • Never drive through or walk through a flooded roadway or area. Turn around and find an alternate route. Water may be much deeper than you think causing your car to stall or even get stuck in hidden debris.
  • Stay away from flooded areas and seek higher ground if you are in an area experiencing flooding. It takes only six inches of fast-moving flood water to knock over an adult and two feet to move a vehicle.     
If necessary, motorists are advised to use primary roads on their commutes as many secondary roadways are susceptible to flooding.    

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