Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Airports Authority Announces Delay in Silver Line Completion

The Ashburn Patch reported this morning that additional tests are needed on Phase One of the Silver Line, focusing on software updates related to the Automatic Train Control System, before the project can be turned over to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Patch reports "the contractor is in the process of making the changes to ensure the proper performance of the train control system. Once completed, the contractor will produce a summary of the changes made for review and approval by WMATA and the Airports Authority."

This will be followed by re-testing to make sure the system is functioning properly and meets performance specifications. The Airports Authority is awaiting a definitive schedule from the contractor for the additional activity.
The additional activity is expected to take several weeks to complete. Substantial completion of the project will be determined as results from the testing are obtained.

Read the complete Ashburn Patch article for all the details.

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