Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Changes Coming to Loudoun County’s Local Bus Service Next Month

Loudoun County's local bus service gets a new look beginning Sept. 1. 
MV Transportation, operating as a contractor to Loudoun County Transit, will begin providing local, fixed-route bus service throughout eastern Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg on Sept. 1. Virginia Regional Transit (VRT) will continue providing service in rural western Loudoun County, including the Purcellville Connector Route, and on-demand service.
Loudoun County Transit will also oversee paratransit service for people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guarantees people with disabilities the same access to public transportation as people without disabilities. Many residents with disabilities can ride the local fixed-route buses. People with disabilities who cannot use public transit because of their disability can use the ADA paratransit service. Users of the paratransit service must register and apply for the service ahead of time.  More details and a link to the online application are available at www.loudoun.gov/paratransit
Last year, the Loudoun County government took over operation of Loudoun's fixed-route bus system after it was learned that the routes serving eastern Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg no longer qualified for rural transit funding from the Federal Transit Administration. Effective Oct. 1, 2013, the local fixed-route transit services became a county-contracted service under an emergency contract with VRT.  A new local service provider, MV Transportation, will operate the local fixed-route service and the ADA paratransit service beginning Sept. 1.  The new fleet of buses and bus stops will display the LC Transit logo. 
There are significant changes to some of the routes designed to improve service and efficiency, including the new Atlantic Pacific Connector route, which combines the current Dulles to Dulles service and the Herndon Monroe Express. Leesburg will continue to be served by three routes and the Safe-T-Ride, but all four routes have been modified significantly.
More information about the new local bus service, including an explanation of the changes and links to the new schedules, is online at www.loudoun.gov/localbus.


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