Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Loudoun Commuter Bus Service Cancels Some Afternoon Runs

There are some cancellations to Loudoun County's commuter bus service this afternoon, Wednesday, Aug. 19, due to an unexpected number of contracted drivers calling in sick. 

Due to a severe shortage of drivers, the following runs have been cancelled today:

Runs From DC & Arlington County
  • Brambleton & Dulles North park & ride lots – Run #'s 651, 652D & 653D
  • Brambleton & Dulles South – Run # 604B
  • Dulles South – Run #608
  • Leesburg, Harmony & St Andrew – Run #'s 811 & 816
  • Telos, Ashburn North & CFC – Run # 505 – Important note – The 504 will pick up at Eads and 12th St and the Pentagon in addition to its normal stops.
  • Dulles North Transit Center – Run # 707 – Important note – the 510 will drop off at Dulles North in addition to CFC, Ashburn North & Telos
Runs from the West Falls Church Metro Station
Broad Run, Cascades, Our Lady of Hope & Lowes Island – Runs 902 @ 4:10 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 6:55 p.m. out of the WFC Metro station

Please note that this afternoon's commute will likely have many crowded buses with standees. Loudoun County officials ask for riders patience with the drivers and fellow riders during this afternoon's commute.

Stay Informed
Loudoun County Transit communicates with bus riders in a variety of ways, including Bus Biz, LC Alerts and SV Alerts. Loudoun County commuter bus riders are encouraged to sign up for emails and text messages about service disruptions and other information related to the county's bus service. Learn more and sign up for messages.

Possible Service Changes for Thursday Morning
There will be a conference call at 4 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday) morning, Aug. 20, to determine if any cancellations will be necessary for the morning service on Thursday. Should any cancellations be needed, staff will send that information out via LC Alert, SV Alert and the Bus Biz email system as soon as possible after the call. Sign up for the alerts and Bus Biz.

Loudoun County contracts with a company called Transdev for its commuter bus drivers. This morning, a total of 16 drivers called in sick unexpectedly. According to Transdev, six drivers are members of the drivers' union, Teamsters Local 570. Over the past six months, the union and Trasdev have worked together to reach an agreement on an expired Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Transdev has called today's unexpected attendance a "sickout."

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