Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sheriff's Office Develops Informational Traffic Stop Videos

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office has developed two informational videos regarding traffic stop procedures in coordination with local civil rights and religious leaders.
Understanding that traffic stops are anything but routine for law enforcement and can be unnerving for the driver and passengers as well, the videos portray a traffic stop from the perspective of a deputy and a driver. The videos review procedures and actions of a deputy during the course of the traffic stop and also discuss the expectations of a driver during the stop.
The videos were developed at the request of Phillip Thompson, President of the Loudoun Branch of the NAACP and in coordination with Pastor Michelle Thomas of Holy and Whole Life Changing Ministries International Church.
The first video follows a traffic stop explaining the actions of a deputy, what law enforcement expects from a driver, and what requirements a driver must lawfully follow. This video can be viewed at https://sheriff.loudoun.gov/trafficstop .
The second video follows the procedures during a traffic stop where the driver is a concealed handgun permit carrier and has a loaded concealed handgun in the vehicle. This video can be viewed at https://sheriff.loudoun.gov/CHPtrafficstop .
The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is also reminding residents that they can provide feedback regarding any interaction with Loudoun County deputies by going to https://sheriff.loudoun.gov/feedback or by downloading the Loudoun County Sheriff App, available on iTunes and Google Play. 


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