Monday, October 22, 2018

Loudoun County Unveils New Online Resource: GeoHub

Loudoun County is introducing the Loudoun GeoHub, a new, online resource that provides residents with easy access to the county's location-based data. The Loudoun GeoHub is a geographic information system website and open data platform that features interactive mapping applications, informative dashboards and topical story maps. 

Through the Loudoun GeoHub, you can view, download and share GIS data at no cost. In addition, users may sign up for a free public online account through Esri, the county's software vendor, to create and save their own customized interactive maps using the available open data. The Loudoun GeoHub runs on a platform developed by Esri. The technology also improves the county's ability to share GIS data and maps across departments and with external agencies. 

Two applications of the Loudoun GeoHub technology already in use in Loudoun County include:

  • Loudoun County's participation in the Waze Connected Citizens Program: Local incident data from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is provided directly to Waze, the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app.
  • Find My Bus Stop: This web application provides real-time Loudoun County Transit bus information and allows bus riders to search stops near an address or location on the map.
Esri also provided the county with tools to help host, process and analyze the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information's extensive collection of aerial imagery of the county, which dates back to 1937 and is available on the Loudoun GeoHub.

Members of the community are encouraged to explore the new online resource at

The Loudoun GeoHub is currently organized around the Board of Supervisors' strategic initiative areas and includes applications focusing on transportation, the development of a new Comprehensive Plan, affordable housing, public safety, economic development and human services.

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